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01-21-2014, 07:08 AM
Worst game ever... oh my so many choices...

Has to be BSGO. If ever there was promise in a game it was there, under Bugpoint's fingertips, waiting to be released and developed as THE great sci-fi branded space fighter sim. Instead the devs decided that total incompetence, ignorance and belligerence were to be the watchwords. The PvP content was nothing short of brilliant when I first started flying, and flew through 100-a-side battles of ships in their 3 (yet seemingly endless) choice of sizes. Alas in over a year of play, the only developments were increased crashes (blamed on every player's gfx card), game-breaking bugs (ever tried flying a ship that won't turn?), and lies about "no changes during maintenance" which turned out to be utter enjoyment-ruining changes designed purely to enforce spending. Worst game ever? Maybe not, but certainly biggest disappointment and has to get the title for me.

Honourable mentions to some already named: Mass Effect 3 (how can that travesty have followed the magnificence of Mass Effect 2?!?), DragonAge 2 (how can that travesty have followed the magnificence of DragonAge?!?) and any MMO that isn't **apologies seems the name was banned** or STO; they're all unplayable micro-transaction fests as far as I can make out. The one removed by filter is now a micro-transaction fest too, I hear, so it shouldn't count anyway. British-designed and developed, Java-driven, MMORPG based on a pseudo-medieval world with skills, etc.

(Please take note PWE devs; failure to fix a vital game mechanic like FAW after 12 months shows Bugpoint levels of incompetence. Finger-pulling-out required!)

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