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I had some problems getting the game to run on my laptop, a Dell D620, with an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 100M graphics board.

The game would inform me the drivers were too old, Dell did not have an update and the latest drivers from the NVIDIA website for this model were too outdated as well.

Fortunately I managed to find a cool website ( that helped me sort out the problem.

On the site you go to the drivers section to find the latest driver you could use for your card. To do this you will need your graphics card's type ID code, which you can find as follows:
  1. Right click your My computer icon
  2. Select properties
  3. Go to the hardware tab
  4. Click device manager

In the new list that appears select "Display Adapters"
Double click on your graphics adapter and a new window will appear
Select the details tab
Make sure the drop down has "Device Instance Id" selected.
The list underneath will display your device information (It looks like PCI\VEN_ etc...)

You can enter this code on the website to find your latest driver.

When I tried the latest driver, the setup did not recognize my card, so I had to get the update INF file as well from the site.

Now my laptop thinks I have a GeForce card but I can live with that... game on!

Hope this helps others with similar NVIDIA problems.


PS: As usual, use this at your own risk etc...