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01-16-2010, 07:46 AM
Originally Posted by WittyDroog View Post
I'm stuck in this exact situation. Unfortunately it seems I can't drop the Assimilation mission.

Does this mean I have to start a whole new character and go through the tutorial again?

If that's my first impression of this game, it's leaving a bad taste. I just want to fight space ships
It's the beta though man, so there's a whole host of issues they'll be fixing as well as this one. Let the final version be the one that makes an impression.

I've had the same problem for days now. I picked up the rifle, accidentally dropped it, but was never given a kit either way. It's just the sheer weight being put on the servers I think. I can't seem to drop the "Assimilation" quest either so I'm kinda screwed. I think I'll just have to roll this toon again and hope that THIS time it'll work.

Like I said though, it's the beta so I'm willing to let this slide.

This game really looks like it has great potential!