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01-23-2014, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
OOOPS! - fixed
(the numbers for the timers are on the editor sheet, fixes it for all users instantly, no need to update anything on your end)

Originally Posted by hcnathanps35 View Post

Thank you for your suggestions. I tired removing all history and cookies still getting pineapple. Thanks for all your hard work I loved it a few months ago. I thought after I posted it might have been because I was using a mac but windows machine is doing the same thing.


I will keep trying.

It's only after I make a copy just making sure I was clear.

Another thought - make sure you are making a copy of the DOFFTREKKER 3 document (the middle link at, not one of the viewscreens. Also, "Duplicate" tabs, don't "Copy" the tabs, once you have the copy of the doc in your Google drive.

I've never seen pineapple except with the viewscreens. Copies of the viewscreens won't work, I hope this helps.
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