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01-16-2010, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Methos5000 View Post
Yeah, I am left handed too, I never tried using that setup, I always just used arrow keys to move. Granted my hand is moving all over the board during combat but it works for me, I might have to try giving the keypad setup a try though.

Also I just checked, WASD and the mouse movement options and they work fine, just the arrow keys don't work
Yeah, the nice thing about the numpad is there are a lot more keys to bind than the directionals. I have 7&9 as throttle up/down in ship and target next/previous enemy on the ground, for instance. The enter key is jump, plus sign's target nearest enemy, divide is interact, 0's auto-run, etc.

But I know that once you're used to a setup, it's nearly impossible to change it.