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I was playing the Exploratory mission on the Volanis Cluster when i encountered some strange things. First on one of the missions i was supposed to secure a ground location, to finish the mission i needed to kill 5 klingons groups, only thing is that there were just 4, i searched the entire map but couldn't find any more klingons so i stopped and played another mission. The next day the same mission was still on my 'missions to complete' so i tried it again in the hope that all would be ok, but it wasn't, the kill count was reset to 0 but this time around i didn't find any klingons to fight. The mission was "Planet Omicron Borealis s048-Omicron Defence" . The same thing (more or less) happened in the "Repair the Facility Omicron YIL Power Station" mission on the Volanis cluster. This time around i was supposed to find some controls and restore power to a node, i found all the control excepted the last one, i search the entire facility and nothing. Another thing, again in one of the missions of the volanis cluster i was supposed to defend a space mining facility, all was fine until the last fight, in that fight i was supposed to fight a Negh'Var ship with a miranda, i like a challenge but isn't it pushing to fight alone a ship that is allot more powerful than yours? Don't get me wrong i still manage to win but just barely, in the end i had 4% hull and almost no shields. At that time i had 1x mk2 photon torpedo, 2x mk1 phaser beam array, and mk1 shield array. I don't know if this is a bug or not so i will just bring it up. If you have more of the same item, you would expect that they occupy only one slot in your inventory, so far this is true for some items but not for all, like the shield battery, i can only have 5 of them on the same slot but i can have allot of alien artifacts on the same slot, why is that?