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Other than this:
Originally Posted by johngazman View Post
But seriously, his uniform is out of date. Other than that, awesome.
I'm liking what I see, looks like he's commanding an Intrepid Class too (#modelupdate). I would also have thought him to be a little more grey, I know Vulcans take some time to age, but Tuvok was around on the Excelsior some 200 years (or so) before the events of STO ... that's if I'm not mistaken.

Edit: It's unlikely to be an alternate universe theme cause we're headed to the Delta Quadrant. Unless the Krenim feature (everything currently seems to indicate Voth, Hirogen and Borg) there is no temporal reason why Tuvok would be out of date. That, and he could have just been put into the current story without a temporal plot.

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