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01-24-2014, 05:55 PM
I would suggest people stay away from these scams.

I tried the credit report one a while back. Clicked on the link in the list and it went to the site.

I put in all my info to create an account, but altered my name and address by a few letters, just in case it was a scam. NEVER had I used that alteration before in my life. Got through all the signup and info and verification pages and the final page comes up with: You already have an account created.

So I go through the "lost password" thing, get into my account and what do I see? All my alterations are on the account. All they did was create an account for me, then at the final page say it already existed and rejected paying out the referral.

I called and cancelled minutes later and the woman claims I already had an account, but when I asked when it was created she claims "today". Then they go on to finalize a charge for $1 a month later (it was supposed to drop off, but it finalized) and calling again they say they's credit it and never do... So I called the credit card company and filed a dispute and 24 hours later here come the credits from them.

All SCAMS. You might get lucky here and there with one, but for the majority of people they will find a way to scam you and not pay while collecting all your data.