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01-16-2010, 12:19 PM
Ditto on this exact experience. LIkewise, when I return from sector space and am a human avatar in the void, the game hangs for a few seconds then crashes me with an Cryptic Hander error box and the option to submit a report on what just happened. Which I have done, about 6-8 times now. The program always has to reverify its files after this happens.

Please fix this, or suggest a workaround. Don't let the game ship in this condition.

Originally Posted by Cracked1701 View Post
I've had this happen quite a few times, it almost seems to be related to the beaming down as a ship issue. Everytime I beam down as a ship, my crew is nowhere to be found. If I beam down as a person, sometimes my crew is there, sometimes they just appear about 10 seconds later.