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I've been playing with a way to track my Federation toon's accolades I've earned and still need (at least until PWE or someone else comes up with an automated way.) So I've come up with an Excel 2013 file that I'm still working on.

Unfortunately, since I'm using data validation lists to determine if one has the accolade or not (or just not eligible for it due to it being broken/retired) and filters, you'll have to download the file and run in locally just to see the functionality. You would have to copy it locally anyway to actually use it to track your accolades.

It's still really rough and I need to put in a lot more descriptions, episodes & mission references, etc. (like Fluffy's list,) but thought I'd share it to see what others thought.

27 Jan Edit: I really hated how the drop down box was working, so I changed it to a data validation list. This allows for sorting and filtering, so you can now filter on accolades you don't have. I'm thinking of adding some conditional formatting to set a color for status.

Looking for comments, suggestions, etc.!

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