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So, the devs say we can't get rid of Tovan Khev because he's so integrated into the early Romulan storyline. I get how that would be a problem. Anyway, an idea has recently struck me. What if there was like an optional mission or a doff project or something that only becomes available after COMPLETION of all the Romulan missions. Not skippage, just completion. The input for the mission/project would be the Tovan Khev entity, and he'd then be removed from our rosters. There would have to be a notification that we would no longer be able to do the early Romulan missions without reclaiming him somehow, but it could still be the solution we're seeking. Those that want him can keep him, those that don't could then get rid of him, and if we wanted to to play the early missions again we'd have to reclaim him. Does this make any kind of sense? Would this be possible? Acceptable for those of us who don't want to keep him?