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01-16-2010, 03:34 PM
I'm reporting this here ... seems like a simular situation we are experiencing (Both me and my son).

1. Star Base 24 mission and most others: the ship shows up when it should be my avatar ... and when we are done with the ground part of the mission .. we are standing in space without our ship.

2. Both my son and I also experienced these items as well (soooo probably something to look at)
A. Targeting enemy ships: Freequently in areas where there were multiple targets, each of them in close proximity it was difficult to get a lock on the correct target. Even after clicking on to an enemy it would change alright ... but to the WRONG target. The biggest problem seemed to be to CHANGE to a newer target .. perhaps one that was closer by .. or one that was about to take out your team mate.

B. Poor helm response. Using the mouse controls are often either sligush or non responsive. Both my son and I are using the Miranda class at this time. We have BOTH been on most of the day.

C. A still lingering problem is detailed information a player needs to be able to read about selecing new weapons, officers or other items freequenly looses the upper half of that data as it is off the screen.

More later as we continue to play this evening.