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01-16-2010, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by funkfantastic
Tbh my position is that first itme experience with launching a mmo at this since really dosent absolve the devs from every ounce of responsibility connected with very dire problems tied to the server side of the game. Atm we are bout 3 weeks off the scheduled live launch and to be fair they have to run really fast to get them all solved before that. I totally agree about the aspect that the popularity potential in a mmo based upon one of the most popular scfi franchises since the original series from 1969 to today should have warrented the devs to have budgeted a huge post for hardware considering this issue. I really like this game already just from playing it for only these 4 to 5 days of open beta to the point of addictiveness ^^, but i sincerely dont hope that the server capacity we are playing on atm is gonna be the same amount of capacity that cryptic will launch live with in bout 3 weeks or so since i think this is gonna cause alot of bugs and troubles for people to the extend that it will maby direct the game on problematic path for survival where alot of other new scifi mmos in the past few years have ended up cancled even though they had the potential to shine.
unluckily for me the last game i bought and thought was launched too early was Vanguard

That game lasted 4-5 months, then servers closed and byebye

I HOPE they are a BIG team working on fixes

I truly hope. I like this game.