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01-27-2014, 03:08 PM
I'm about to kill the Romulan BOff market, but I feel like being a douchebag, so here goes.

Easiest way to get SRO BOffs:

Make an alt throwaway tac Romulan/reman. Level it up to level 45. ONLY PICK THE BOFFs WITH SRO AS YOU LEVEL UP. After you get each BOff with SRO, DO NOT USE IT. Leave it in your officer candidate list and instead use faction based BOffs (IE humans, andorians, blah blah blah for feds, Klingons, orions gorn, nausicaan as KDF). After you hit level 45, look through your officer candidates. Each BOff with SRO, MAIL IT TO YOURSELF. Then distribute as needed throughout your main toons. Delete character. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed.

What does this do for you? Yes, you have to spend a week leveling a toon each time, but that week will guarantee you getting BOffs with SRO (they start appearing on the level 25 free BOff, and appear pretty consistently after that), save you the stress of looking for the DOff mission, and also will save you MILLIONS OF EC. As for you guys selling them on the exchange? Sorry. Not really.

As for the Mark thread hijack? Azure Nebula, Mine Enemy, The Vault: Ensnared and Tau Dewa Daily: Sector Patrol for Romulan Marks. And for Nukara marks? Run around on Nukara prime doing stuff. I picked up 300 marks in an hour easily.
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