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Thanks Twam,

Can you help me with a few terms? What is deboff and stf?

Also, can someone explain to me what the best places to go for experience, marks, etc (guessing marks can be obtained through those means)? I have been fighting @ starbase 24 the whole duration of my activity, however if a few folks can lead me to a better, more lucrative location I am all ears.

Thank all you again, I'm thick-headed but I try. :-)
I'm guessing that is debuff - to apply negative effects to an enemy. You could think of the hit to damage resistance that Attack Pattern Beta gives, the debuff to movement of Eject Warp Plasma or the various negative side-effects of the different weapon types (see below).

STF is Special Task Force, and those are the 8 Borg missions in the public queue, 4 space and 4 ground. Infected, Cure, Kithomer and The Hive. These give decent loot drops and Omega Marks.

In that same queue interface (PvE button under the minimap), you'll find lots of different repeatable missions, each awarding a different type of Marks (which marks you get is listed in the interface).

For experience, your best bet is to do the Mirror Invasion, when that is available (it is only available during the 1 hour Mirror Incursion Event, press J to see which event is up and which are coming. However, Starbase 24 is actually a very decent substitute for experience, though regular storyline missions also give large amounts of experience.

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Hello, another question...I understand the damage points that can be taken during an attack, however is there some weapons better than other, ie-plasma vs beam vs other, differences in power with different kinds of torpedoes, etc.

Thanks for the help, again.

Ship weapons, there is a difference between a weapon type (beam, cannon, dual cannon, turret, torpedo, mine) and damage type (plasma, disruptor, phaser, tetryon, polaron, antiproton, physical). A weapon will BE one weapon type and DEAL an energy type. Physical damage is mostly reserved for torpedoes and mines (and some sci skills).

- The base damage differs according to weapon type, so Dual (Heavy) Cannons do more damage per shot, but have a much smaller arc of fire, to compensate, while turrets do little damage but can fire in all directions.

- Base damage is equal within the various weapon types, for energy weapons. The difference for those is only in the side-effects they can have (the proc). For instance, plasma can cause additional burning damage, while disruptors can debuff your enemy's hull resistance to damage. See here for details.

- Torpedoes/mines are a different can of worms. They do physical damage, which is greatly reduced by enemy shields (meaning you'll want to take down their shields fast, if using torpedo's/mines). Their damage varies per weapon type, but so do the secondary effects and the recharge time. The more powerful ones have a longer recharge, so you can't fire them quite as often. See the link above for the 'proc' effects.

Does that help, at all, or did I just confuse you more with my big wall o' text? :p