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01-28-2014, 03:36 AM
I'm in the process of catching up on accolades for my Rom Character and am stumped with Dreaded Dreadnought (and likely others down the track ) I see from other posts and literature that a FED/ROM character can get this, presumably when teamed up with a FED, but that's where I get stuck. I can team up with a Fed for the first part of the mission on Vulcan, but after leaving Vulcan and transporting the Ambassador to the P'Jem system, my Rom doesn't have the option to enter the system.

I presume this is because the P'Jem system is not normally available to explore unless part of a mission, and since my ROM doesn't have the mission, he can't enter.

If a FED/ROM is able to get this accolade, then what am I missing?

All.......Any help appreciated....