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01-16-2010, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by Admiral_Raven
I appreciate that some people understand the problem from a technical point of view. I have been in open betas of other games where 99% demanded to have the entire gaming experience like it was a live game. Also I guess that most of them do not really now what a "server" actually is and that they have never seen one and therefore cannot even begin to comprehend what it takes to run them 24/7.
Just a quick reminder for those who do not unterstand the challenge that Cryptic are facing at the moment:

You can only get a fixed amount of people on a server (one (1) physical machine) depending on the efficiency of the gamecode and the power of the machine. To estimate the number of servers you need you need to estimate how many peolple at a time will play your game. That is really not easy due to different timezones around the globe and different popularity in certain parts of the world. Then you can calculate how many machines you need including those for backup. And these things are not cheap so you have to balance the amount of servers with you estimations. Otherwise you will effectively burn cash. That is also why there is usually no large stockpile of servers waiting to go live.

And this is exactly what we are experiencing now. We are in this estimating phase and as it turned out Cryptics estimations were a bit out. But this is a beta so everything is fine. I would not want to see "You cannot log in because the servers are full" when I actually pay 13 per month to play the game. To prevent that happening they stage this beta.
And to those who got their beta key from pre ordering STO: You have ordered a game that will go live at 02/02/10 and not as soon as you got your hands on your beta key. You have not paid for already playing the live game while they are staging the beta phase for all the mere mortals that have not pre ordered.

So sit back and relax. Things will get sorted out but it takes a bit of your valuable time.
OK... I get most of that...but it still doesn't answer my earlier post of "why are inactives allowed to sit in a server "spot"" i hope no one is just now realizing "oh, what exactly DID we set the timeout function to?" 30 seconds? a minute? 2 minutes? for pre-release any of those would have been expected and defensible. someone sitting in a game spot for 10-15 or god-forbid 30 minutes without making a keystroke or mouse click should absolutely GET THE BOOT!
You know who you are...get off the server!
People who will actually perfrom Beta-Work are watiing while you text your girlfriend, scratch your butt or even (ugh) go to the fridge for a third sandwich. Time to go for a run tubby and leave the gaming to people who are serious.