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01-16-2010, 06:46 PM
First let me state that I know that this is open beta and it is supposed to be used to test and gauge the systems capabilities. But in my opinion I think that Cryptic may have jumped the gun in its development and release date. Take the history of the development of this game. First it was being developed by Perpetual Entertainment. Which started in 2004. They went bankrupt in January 2008. That is almost 4 year of development without even going into beta. Now in 2008 Perpetual transfered the assets of the game (naming rights) Cryptic but not the code. That means that Cryptic had to start from scratch. You can not tell me that in just about a years time that Cryptic managed to develop a and get into beta a game the Perpetual could not even get done in 4 years without cutting corners. And one of the many corners is the server.

As a huge Star Trek fan I am hoping for the success of this game and I will continue to play. the short comings of the game will be fixed as long as the fans of Star Trek and of MMOs due not abandon this game and as for content I am sure that Cryptic done there home work and we will see that they have done so when the game launches.