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01-28-2014, 02:43 PM
Unless you're using wonky tracking, THEIR damage output won't enhance YOUR dps...

If you're only doing X per shot, you're only doing X per shot. They aren't going to make you do X times 10. The only things they could do are add short-term buffs like APA or FOMM for short team buffs, or cruiser commands to help out.

Your DPS tracking has to be royally screwed up if you do a run in 2 minutes and it says you did 20k DPS in your double d. YOU didn't do it, THEY did. I find when those kinds of runs happen it actually tanks my DPS because they kill everything before I can get to it. I get there, blow all my tactical buffs, only get a handful of shots off, then have to reposition. It means more time moving, less shooting, crappy DPS at the end. Oh, and all my buffs get wasted and they're on CD when I get my next chance to shoot.