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01-29-2014, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by ssgtjoesow View Post
Why can you get Omega and Nukara Marks fairly quickly if you are willing to grind them out, but the Romulan Marks seem to take forever. I have yet to find a way to pick up as many Romulan Marks in the same amount of time as I can either the OM's or NM's. Why STO Why???
Because Romulans are not impulsive. Romulan Marks are the easiest kind of mark to get by the prodigious bucketload, far faster than you burn them to advance your rep. Since there's not a whole lot you can buy with it, and by the time you're ready to buy, you'll have bucketloads, there's no real reason to go on a bender and massively attempt to grind them...that would be un-Romulan.