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01-29-2014, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by dahminus View Post don't understand.

Let's to a quick basic example

You have a buff that last 5 seconds and double your dps
It has a cool down of 5 seconds.

You do a fight, it last 5 seconds. You did double dps you normally would've done without the buff

You do another fight, it last 10 seconds. You essentially did 1.5 the dps you would've done without the buff.

Quicker runs lead to more uptime vs downtime which yields more dps.

That is why running in a quick killing group yields better dps then running with a pug full of slackers.

There's many other variants, but as for the point about faster groups not yielding higher dps...that's incorrect

Unless we're literally talking matches that only last 1 power cycle, that doesn't come into play. You're still hitting at least 4-5 cycles of buff/cooldown even in the SHORTEST of record-breaking matches.

In that respect once you get past 1 cycle, it all evens out. If you do 5 cycles of cooldown or 500, your DPS will be the same.

Baudl: You're assuming that you are doing your fair share of the damage. All other things being equal, if you reduce the time then your DPS will go up. In the example you described where the bulk of the damage is being done by OTHER ships, you DPS is much more likely to DROP, as you have less time but also much less damage to divide it by.