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01-29-2014, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by prechar View Post

While I also have some gripes with Cryptic lets have just this One thread without any Complaining and embrace the Spirit of these Live Streams and have a little Fun.
Given that this entire thing might be: "lets do a lottery so you might maybe kinda sorta have a chance at getting small amounts of zen that will add up to a bunch of zen over a bunch of people (again like a lottery) cause everyone is pissed and we are listening and see we screwed up and holy crap we better do something fast", no no I think I will continue to ask and hope branflakes has the guts to answer.

More so as it would be a hint that if enough of the base comes together with our complaints, change can happen (though in this case a zen lottery would hardly be enough but it would at least mean we the players can have a huge effect).
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