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01-29-2014, 10:32 PM
Carriers are big and slow. My klink flys a carrier and when I equipped fighters I spent most of my time watching and waiting to respawn the little weaklings. With frigates it is much better but the feds do not have frigates. Most carriers pets die really quickly especially when bad guys explode. Flying a carrier is less about flying a science ship and more about flying a carrier as the pets will take some of your attention.

If science is your goal, I say stay away from carriers. The Nebula tanks well, slightly better than the vesta. The nebula is also mobile enough, despite what others have said. I have absolutely no problem flying my nebula.

That said, the vesta can shield tank almost as well as the nebula if you watch your hull. The vesta is also more flexible with its universal boffs and single hanger.

The DSSV is certainly worth a look but I have never flown it and can't speak to it, same with the wells. I would pass on the voyager as the vesta simply outclasses it.