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01-30-2014, 12:44 AM
Originally Posted by priestofsin420 View Post
You seem overly negative, Doc. Your tone was overall irritating, despite you providing incredibly useful information. I suggest a more neutral tone when conveying large amounts of info, it sounds better that way.

Thanks for the info however! I have enough lobi left over from the last lobi event to grab the ship immediately, but I understand why people don't want to grind for a 9-console ship. I'm a tad miffed about that myself. At least the 10-console version isn't locked behind a Lobi gate... 800 would be way out of my range.
Agreed on your tone. And word choice. Once the word "r*pe" was used, you lost credibility, Doc. If you can't be calm during your show, don't film it for your sake, man. And throwing the ARC debate on top of the anniversary debate was very unprofessional. I enjoy your videos, but as a former journalist, I must ask that you try to be more neutral.

I'm not happy about this either, and I too don't like it. I will be getting this ship on ONE of my characters and only because he has the lobi to do so. However, I wouldn't have had an issue with the grind if the GEAR was NOT involved. This ship statisically is miles above the free Odyssey and free Ambassador. If it was just a bog standard version I would have been fine. But the free version is like the Lobi version of the Obelisk from last time in this event. And I do think that was wrong.

And Doc, on a personal note, I'm almost postive the set bonuses will turn out to be mediocre at best and the Fleet Gear will outclass it. Plus it will probably only work on THIS specific ship. If it angers you this much: just get the C-store version and load it up with Fleet Gear, that WILL be the superior ship.