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01-30-2014, 01:53 AM
I think the video was a pretty good reflection of most in the STO community really feels at this point in time. People are genuinely upset at Perfect World and feels they pushed us too far this time in adapting STO into the Eastern MMO format.

They are forcing ARC on us and bribing us to test the product, which still has questionable programming, like it installing BHOs on your internet browsers (without permission). And everyone I know or talked to, immediately deleted ARC. And somehow I feel that Perfect World doesn't know that and think we accept the technology, when we really don't.

So that's going to be a major point of contention if this goes live and it's forced us on it.

And the Grind......., they gave the impression they were lessening the grind when they made the Dyson Reputation, but lo and behold they added it to the Winter Event and now the fourth Anniversary. People are already passed their cracking points when having to do multiple grinds on multiple characters. A friend of mine actually had a mental breakdown during the winter event, because of the excessive grind. And he got banned because of it.

Given all this negativity they are throwing at us, I can't help but to think that something serious is about to happen in the STO community. Given we just got Khan's uniform, it could suffice to say that STO very well soon go up like the Reliant.