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01-30-2014, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by redz4tw View Post
I'm not jealous of you guys in a bad way, like troll level or hatred level, but I am jealous of you guys so I constantly try to get better. I've never understood why people hate on people who are better than them. Ant, boot. lmao
Reach out to people. Honestly I wouldn't know anything about this game if it weren't for the combined knowledge and research of everyone I ask.

It can be as simple as your boff rotation, piloting, or something as simple as not having weapon power as high as possible. Example : I did a 1vs1 with a fleet mate, really just looking to see how he flies and his boff rotation. I wasn't trying to kill him but just engage him, he's not a PvPer. He wasn't using APA! His DPS increased 4K in ESTFs! He went from tickling my shields to if I'm not paying attention I'm dead. Also I addressed some of his defensive buffs in order for him to survive longer ( And it was just, hey pay attention to the hud) . Sometimes it's the little things that need to be addressed.

Whether you PvP or not sometimes a little training session 1vs1 will give people a better way to analyze and assist. Most of the time it's not the build but in how you use it. It takes practice