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Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
Damage per Second

Damage dealt divided by seconds

Less seconds means higher ratio given the same damage.
I am seeing a whole LOT of confusion in this thread about what is being measured and what we are TRYING to measure.

What we are TRYING to measure is relative strength of a build with respect to doing damage. Normally DPS meters measure DPS while DPSing. This is what we physics/engineering people would probably call 'instantaneous' DPS. This means that whatever measurement you are using, your calculations should NOT include time not spent 'in combat' as your divisor.

While one could (quite rightly) argue that this dead time reflects your competence as a captain to travel quickly from target to target during downtime, and be in the right place in the right time to reduce downtime, it really isn't relevant to the damage potential of a ship or build, but your skill as a captain.

As STO is a bit different than most MMOs with respect to the need to maneuver during combat, etc, I believe that any time spent 'in combat' should be counted. Also, the longer the fight, the more accurate your measurement of sustained DPS is going to be. DPS is not Burst, and Burst is not DPS. Normally in high end PvE, Burst is good for certain raid mechanics, but DPS is the main measurement. So, if you have a foundry mission that has an infinite hull strength target with the shields and shield regen of, say, a borg tac cube, you could shoot at it with your build for a solid 10 minutes, and get a solid measurement of your optimum 'DPS.' This number will not respresent actual numbers in a 'raid' (or STF) scenario, as the need for movement and targeting arcs comes into play, and thats play skill. This reflects the difference in, say, WoW, of target dummy numbers versus real raid fight numbers (where there are mechanics and you have to move, etc). However if you are trying to compare two builds potential for sustained damage (not Burst), comparing the target dummy numbers is going to get you the best results.

This doesn't consider the difference between single target damage potential and AoE damage potential. Normally in MMOs, AoE (or Cleave) is not as important because those are the easy (trash) fights and single target is far more important. In STO I would say the two are probably equally important, but it really depends a lot on the encounter. At any rate your foundry training 'dummy' should have a single target option and an AoE option to really get an accurate test of both scenarios to compare. A FAW A2B build is going to do fantastic AoE, a CRF DHC build is going to do fantastic single target.
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