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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
So, does anybody know a good foundry mission that provides sterile testing environment?

by that i mean a single target part and an AoE part.
capped times for both...say 5-7 minutes for each to flat out crit spikes.
constant duration is important.
If I looked I could probably find something, or make something. Honestly I haven't spent a lot of time in STO recently, just enough to get my daily Dyson rep commendation. I haven't even leveled Bukara rep past stage 2!

I think setting up the foundry mission should be not-so-hard (for single target, a bit trickier for AoE: positioning, how many targets, etc). Getting the right log parser and knowing how to get it to spit out reliable data is the toughy. I still rely on a buddy sitting in the instance with me running one. I do NOT have the inclination to learn one.

I would suspect though, that in terms of duration of the measuring time, your parser might be able to set up an artificial cutoff where it stops using the log data. So even if you futzed about a bit in minutes 8 and 9, and then it took you another minute to warp out (just say), you could cut off the log at 7 minutes for the parser to use? That's a guess though.
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