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01-17-2010, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by roboSTERNE View Post
I've had a similar problem. Just now I beamed down to the Klingon Listening point and my crew was missing, along with my body being made out of my ships hull.

I beamed out to try going back down again and the game crashed. I try to log back in and it patches something huge then wont even start up.

However, a tantrum is kind of excessive. It's beta, made to be tested and broken. There are a lot of things going on currently between Cryptic and Atari as well as the approval red tape they have to go through with Paramount and whoever else owns the rights to Star Trek.

Im going into this expecting relatively slow development at first. Just like any other MMORPG that's released it will be bugged to ****. Anyone remember WoW in the early days? Lets just hope that ST:O gets nearly as much support from its customers as WoW has so it can turn into something ****ing awesome.
Getting this exact same problem. It does need to be addressed & fixed ASAP. There will be no excuses upon retail release if this still exists. It's even worse when you are teamed with a friend. Crashing to the desktop 4 times in a row when appearing in space as your human self is absurd to say the least. lmao