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01-17-2010, 08:27 AM
You should be noticiing a siginficant difference in the quality of the game not only with graphics, but with how the game runs as well when comparing the two.

Those cards have different specifications. So it doesn't matter if your settings are identical. For instance, the ATI may have a higher number of pipelines and or shaders over the nVidia card. (I can't remember the exact number off hand.)

If you were noticing a discrepancy between the two machines duraing actual gameplay, than I would definitely be looking to tweak some settings. But the loading time difference isn't really that significant in the overall scheme of things. Now, loading 30 seconds or more might indicate something needs to be tweaked. Also just out of curiosity, are you loading at the same time on both machines? I mean, are you attempting to do this on both machines at the same time? Because then you have 2 machines talking to the same server at the same time fighting for the information