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01-17-2010, 08:36 AM
Great points, Nekkid, I totally agree. Aside from load times, the "new" PC outperforms the old one (fps, smoothness, etc.) The only bummer with the new PC is that AA doesn't work yet with the ATI card (discussed in other threads).

Also, great point - to test this, we ARE synchronizing our server requests. If this were just a random matter of one machine beating the other to the server, you would think that would even out over time. I am definitely convinced that the "old" one loads MUCH quicker, but perhaps that is indeed due to the difference in video cards as you mention. Also, doesn't seem to get as bad as 30 seconds. Just 10-20 seconds or so consistently.

One other observation in case anyone is interested - the 8800/Conroe 680i combo runs a LOT hotter than the 5870/860 i7 combo. I am pleasantly surprised how cool the 5870/860 i7 is!

Now, If only I could match those load times......