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Its probably been a year to a year and a half since I played this game. Seems like a bunch of things have changed.

So originally I was a baddie I had a group of friends playing and most picked the tac officer as their captains. I thought well to be effective we may need another captain type so I picked up an engineer. Flew every ship type just to really try them out, an engineer in a Vulcan D'kyr? Yea that pro was me.

So to coming back to the game a lot of new ships have been added and I was wondering what was good for each individual captain?

When I ended playing my engineer was flying a Defiant and my Kling engi toon was rolling with a Kar'fi. I liked both these ships along with the Galaxy X and the MVAE. While I may not have been the highest DPM for STFs.

While I'm sure I can find decent builds for each individual ship recommended I would like to know which ships are decent.

If I need to buy a couple C-store ships I'm fine with that. I currently don't have access to fleet ships but I will find a decent fleet once I get settled back in.

I mainly play PvE but would like todo PvP if that means I need two different ships for each captain let me know.

Thank you very much for any sort of help!