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01-30-2014, 05:35 PM
It's kind of a strange thing for me. I like unusual things, so when outfitting a freshly-max-leveled character, I tend to gravitate toward the more exotic weapon choices, like dominion polaron, blue phasers, those 10% proc tetryons, or plasma-disruptor hybrids. I have a soft spot in particular for the dominion polaron beams because they shoot neat, phaser-like beams rather than the standard squiggly beams of normal polarons. Pity there's no purple MKXII version.

I of course outgrow those weapons eventually and replace them with less interesting very-rare MKXIIs centered around the most relevant-at-the-time content, but even then, I'll retire those other weapons to a less-used event/collector ship.

Ultimately though, I'd say I like polaron the best, mainly because of their fantastic color.

On the ground, it doesn't matter--I like it all. I've got nearly 5 rows of assorted weapons with various energy types in my inventory to choose from--standard types as well as the more exotic types. The voth/whatever proton rifle has been a favorite lately.

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