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01-30-2014, 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by thedoctorbluebox View Post
I don't want to cause any fights among the playerbase, not my intent. I do however want the playerbase to voice their opinion on the topic so that Cryptic and PWE will hear. Will it change things? It may not. But we have to try, we are what makes this game happen after all.
Wow, Where do I begin.....

1. Grinding has been a part of many games, P2P or F2P alike. The more grinding I have to do, the more I'm actually playing and the more satisfied I am in what I earned. Only those with little gaming time or lazy players find it inconvenient. Play the game and EARN your rewards!

2. I have had steam for years and have had Arc for several months now and I like it, I have even installed Blacklight, Champions Online and Neverwinter which I love. (Though not as much as I love STO yet.) I like Arc, I don't have any problems with it at all.

YOU are focusing on what in YOUR opinion is negative. But I see it as a positive. Sadly, What you see as a "Violation on the Grind" I see as part of a GAME, not a money making tool, and I know the tools quite well.

I have played MANY games and I like PWE games the most, Go play EA's games and see how many "Ballsack" RAGE videos you'll be ranting on.

I support Cryptic, I support PWE and I am grateful for their products. Please note that I have Lifetime in STO because it is totally worth it. This video upset me quite a bit because I love their hard work and generosity.

I can't even believe I heard what I did in your video. Go try EA games, they force "Origin" on you and suck the time and money out of you hard core and you get NO customer support or customer appreciation.

P.S. I never come to forums unless game servers are down. I stumbled on your rage rant on what you call Grind edition. Use your time to earn in game rewards and make less HATE videos on your favorite game.

Haters gonna hate.