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01-30-2014, 06:50 PM
All I have to do to get a free Science Destroyer ship:

1) Enjoy an amazingly epic Feature Episode with Tuvok!

2) Spend TWO MINUTES chasing mini-Qs each day for 15 out of 28 days.

Why would I complain??? Why do any of you complain?

BE APPRECIATIVE!!! We get an epic ship for FREE, and all it takes is the above - which is FUN!!! We get Dilithium as a reward choice every time we do the little "Party Patrol" mission.

Dont listen to the naysayers devs. The MAJORITY of players enjoy all of the game and dont believe in "grinding". We do rep content and runs and we keep things varied so we dont have to spend weeks doing the same exact thing. We get rewards as they come without going crazy grinding for the "bestest coolest im leet" rewards.

The "vocal minority" might seem like a majority on forums, but they are hardly that. Send a questionnaire to every account holder and you will see the real majority have no problem with the anniversary event.

Some bugs? Thats normal. Server shutdown? Sucks - but its not forever.

Only problem I had was not being able to get the Fed Retrofit on my Rom rnk9 and the raptor retrofit on my klink rnk 13. Should have been able to get a requisition box or something until we could open it. But, some free stuff is better than nothing at all.

We get an amazingly fun and varied epic game with sooo much to see and do - and its FREE!!!! And people complain sooooo much!!!

Notice how the complainers are the players that A)play wayyyyyyyyy too much each day , b) play wayyyyyyy too many characters and sabotage their own games by forcing themselves to repeat the same content in a mad rush to endgame and c) players that are ALWAYS rushing to endgame skipping content/dialog/etc... just to feel powerful. too stubborn to realize if you can complain about something soooooooo minor like the anniversary "grind" for a free ship - you shouldnt be playing STO and/or you need to take a break asap!

Cheers to STO devs for a great anniversary patch. I know that by the time i log on tomorrow Ill be able to finish the featured episode mission i started Salute!