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01-31-2014, 07:47 AM
I have noticed a few things with the responses here :

- Some folks equate Fleet Marks and Reputation marks .
I don't see them as equal .
Rep marks were always fairly easy to obtain (even the Romulan ones , once you got the Eppoh trade going) , while FM's... -- especially on the KDF side are somewhat of a pain .

- Some folks don't see the previous 'Bonus' of 20% as a big deal .
To them I say , 20% may not be a big deal , but play for a few days and that 20% becomes 40 then 60 then 100 or more .
Play 5 days a week during bonus hours and the bonus becomes 100% (5 x 20) .
Still see that as "you loose nothing" ?

- Some folks said that they are in a BIG FLEET so this does not matter to them .
To these folks I say that I am in a Fleet that walks both lines .
Our FED Starbase was among the first 5 Starbases in game that reached T5 .

But our KDF fleet chugs along like a small Fleet's Fed base , with about 3-9 active players and some casuals ... -- thus that is my living example of how things can go slowly ... and now not only slowly , but stopping while we get the smaller projects (Embassy/Mine/Spire) going .

I have all but stopped playing Fed because of the need that I see @ our Kdf side , and when our Spire had our T3 project slotted , it was almost a couple of weeks until we got that going ... -- BECAUSE OF FLEET MARKS -- and this was with 20% bonus Mark events , and with some of us pouring our Winter Event Marks into it from Winter Eppoh breeding .

So when I'm telling you that this has hurt all players , not just small Fleets , I am telling you this as someone from a Large Fleet that looks at what's going on around him , and not just bangs on his chest about not needing Bonus Fleet Marks because "I'm in a Big Fleet and My Fleet is doing Great !" .
No offense guys , but anybody who says that has little to no compassion toward his fellow players .

But All Hail Cryptic for managing to bury this thread in no man's land .
Must have touched a nerve .
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