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01-17-2010, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by S31-Syntax View Post
A native client for Mac and Linux is out of the question for the reason stated earlier, it uses DirectX. However, making the program a tad more agreeable with Wine, Cedega, and other APIs would really be the only option they have in the event that they wished to open up to our little slice of the market.

I'm quite happy with the way things are going now. they have their priorities straight.
1) stabilize the product aimed for the greatest market share (windows)
2) consider cooperations with other platform APIs.
3) ??
4) profit
Agreeing that they probably won't have a native client out, but I do wonder exactly why the errors we are seeing are cropping up. I'm still just a CS student and haven't done any game programming, but I know that WINE is supposed to handle windows system calls and whatnot just like a native OS would, which makes me think that some of the code used in the STO game engine has either malformed or esoteric lines of code. If that is the case, I'd wish that they had cleaned up / standardized the code a little more (I'm sure it would help overall stability), but I understand that *nix architectures have inherently better memory management, and if the problem truly lies in memory allocation issues, the less improved windows memory tools may not translate well into wine-approved ones.

@our dev friend, I'm assuming you're not giving us detailed explanations because you are a representative of cryptic, and for some reason you can't be direct with us. However, if you can speak freely, is there any real chance of the designers even trying to boot into linux, running the client on wine, and seeing the errors for themselves? Even one dev trying this at home for fun could be able to say to us "yeah, I tried it, I can see that it is not working, and I think the problem is with how we handle _____." Not everyone posting is technically minded, but some of us are, and it would be supremely cool to hear a dev actually say to us that they acknowledge the problem, and then tell us the actual cause. I have tried asking this of the WoW devs, and their answer is still phrased in the way that I explain programming to my parents (it is magic / works that way because thats the way it is).