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01-31-2014, 05:59 PM
I feel kind of awkward posting in this because I am really bad at map making but, I do have a map I am proud of for the design.

The ICAI Interior from Computer's Son and Computer's Daughter.

It's a stock map, with only a few bits of things for flair and boxes for texture, so, compared to the stuff shared here it is like... nothing. But, what I am proud of it for is the design part.

For reference, I made this map when you could not de-spawn contacts or mobs. And yet, I wanted to be able to have the player(s) move through this while still feeling like it progressed.

Furthermore, the nature of the missions and their dual perspectives mean this is the one map that exists co-currently with both Federation and Klingon Captains. I mean I made it in a way so that both Captains can be on this map, cross paths, and literally only have a door in between them as you look at the mission as a whole where the story is involved.

And I pulled it off. With the side rooms, the little places the Captains interact with and the people they encounter. It was a simple map in the sense of what I created, but, how I used it and the design involved in the movements of the story and the players, I am really proud of that. It actually flows and doesn't feel forced. Considering it a single map between both missions, it is the one map I am the most proud of.