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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Well sucks to be you them since its abundant clear he doesnt even read the forums and of course I never seen Cryptic taking feedback in account unless is in support of their decisions.
Even if CaptainGeko doesn't look at the forums anymore, I'm certain AdjucatorHawk or BorticusCryptic will see this thread, especially if there are enough comments. Both of them have been very open to feedback on Ground combat in the past. We have them to thank for all of the great recent bug fixes with ground.

Originally Posted by szerontzur View Post
You know, moving some devices into kit powers certainly a controversial choice, but I do think it is the right one. Keep in mind that he mentioned kits would be 5-slot items that would potentially allow you to fill it with fully upgraded abilities(rather than having a mix of high and low tier abilities).
I heard him say that too, but it's invalid, all players with a Mk X very rare kit have 4 level III abilities. Mk XII Fleet kits have 1 level II ability, 3 level III abilities, and 1 level IV ability. Giving us 5 level III abilities doesn't justify stripping away the ability to use device slots to slot actual devices.

Originally Posted by szerontzur View Post
There are still some details like how a borg modulation device or combat pets will factor into that. Overall though, I think it will be a good change for the game that embraces player choice and customization.
If what he is suggesting goes live, we will be reduced from 9 custom abilities to 5 custom abilities. Yes, the kits are in clusters, but we still get to make that choice. The only way I could see this working would be to give all players 5 class specific kit slots, 3 class neutral kit slots (for the shard of possibilities/ect.), and keep the existing device slots for consumables. We shouldn't have to choose between slotting the Shard of Possibilities and Suppressing Fire. Kit abilities and device items need to remain separate in order to preserve the significance of actual class abilities. Otherwise the kit system will inevitably dissolve into a pure lockbox "kit ability" toolset.
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