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02-02-2014, 12:19 PM
Here's my opinion:

The Reputation Dyson set is for science characters. Other characters would be better off using something else.

The "New" Dyson set from the anniversary missions is good, but not as good as MACO. I'd imagine that it will become better once the anniversary ship has access to all those additional shield heals from the consoles.

The Borg set is incredible, especially when used on a Tactical officer. This is for DPS. Personally, I like the borg shields. Fleet shields might be "better" to some people, but I like the fast regen of Borg.

MACO is the definitive tanking set (a case can be made for Nukara), as long as you don't use plasmonic leech. If you want to use Leech, then swap MACO shields out for Fleet.
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