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01-17-2010, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by Zapadha View Post
Spare the rest of the population with "This game equals, lame sauce" and "FAIL" posts. Once again

Thank you once again for being the first person to remind all of us. You know if you look at the numbers, for every post that whines about the game there are 12 fanboys that plow in with thier kiss ass comments and claiming that no one wants to hear it and to let things go cause it is a beta.

I for one an sick and tired of the morons that excuse every failure in a game to it being a beta and then the game is released with same issues (where are the fanboys then). Open betas that are this short and this close to a release are for 2 reasons only, first is to boost so much interest in the game that sales soar and it is heralded as a success at release, second is to see how little the company can get away with in resources so they can drive up the first 3-6 months profit margin before having to spend any real money on servers and the like.

Fanboys shut the heck up, none of us really like hearing your kiss ass flaming all the time, you guys do it just so you get the attention.

Whiners shut the heck up, none of us really want to hear the same complaint from different people, take a moment to search the posts and please convey a logical complaint. Then if you still feel the need to complain put it in a blog or some other website, we dont want to hear it over and over again, then go remove the game from your machine and play something else.