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01-17-2010, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by Braxiatel View Post
They could at least say something to us. I had the same problem since I downloaded open beta I asked again and again (from the 14th straight till the 17th) for help and all I got was the cold shoulder. Thanks Cryptic I see where your priorities are.
most people, let alone companies, would rather say nothing then give some platitude of "we are looking into it"

in the same vein most people would rather hear nothing then be told repeatedly "we are working on it"

companies like this are in a catch 22 someone is upset if nothing is said, and someone is upset if they say something but that something is not a solution but merely a "we are looking" because that person then feels they are being humored.

people tend not to want to understand that yeah you have problems, but it takes time to find a fix. if it isn't readily available immediately then "nothing is being done"