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Originally Posted by drreverend View Post
Any chance of allowing us to customize him at all? Even if he's still a plot character and all with a special name/face, not being able to put him in a proper Starfleet uniform or make him part of the crew is rather frustrating. Heck, let us change his name too. While I get that you're telling a story here, it's a little annoying with everyone having the exact same Voth.
I strongly suspect that this is intentional. Or if it's not, it probably should have been.

This is likely the same kind of deal where they give you a BOFF which they can then use as a storytelling hook without messing with your other existing BOFFs.

Frankly, I kind of wish they'd taken that route with the other special BOFFs that we can't customize.

I have a Reman, a Breen, and a Jem'Hadar, all of which could be used for story hooks except for the fact that you can only get them as an FE special reward and not everybody has them or can easily get them.

It's too late for that now, since we've probably renamed them. But going forward from here, it's not a bad model.
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