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01-17-2010, 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by coderanger
I can say with 99% certainty we won't ever have a native client. To retrofit all the Win32-ness out of our code (not just Dx, memory handling, input code, file system access, network APIs, etc etc) would be a fairly colossal undertaking. As for testing with Wine ourselves, we also have no plans to do that, mostly just because we don't have the manpower for it. If some dev wanted to take a stab at it in their free time, I'm sure no one here would have a problem with it, but obviously thats not something that you can rely on or expect to ever happen (personally I do a lot of other FOSS stuff in my free time, hard to find time for more projects without my girlfriend taking an axe to my computer, can't speak for anyone else though). As for why the game doesn't work in Wine, it isn't an issue of malformed code, its just that Wine isn't that good of an emulator given the full scale of the problem. It does its best, but plenty of things in Wine don't work the same way as they do in Windows.
Isn't the entire point of wine isn't that it isn't an emulator and it's supposed to be a bug for bug reimplementation of the win32 api? Isn't pure ABI compatibility so all things windows would work the ultimate goal?

Although now at least we know that there won't ever be a mac client