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02-05-2014, 02:05 PM
Several decks would be cool. With something so large, why would ever vital area be clumped together? You'd need a large imposing docking port for arrivals and shipyard; looking inside, like in Search for Spock, which would be cool if they could map on an image of the player's ship to one. Maybe a large departures-like board showing the ship names of every captain currently logged into ESD.

Then you'd have a more cosy outer-ring style area with tailors, banks, restaurant looking out to Earth. Then a few areas of science labs, medical bays etc. which would have basic services and opportunities for foundry interactions. And an operations/Quinn area that would be rather large as it would essentially govern activity within Sol (exactly how many people seem to be running all that right now? 8?

Well, that would be nice. But most importantly it would be cool to build in lots of opportunity for foundry interactions across the whole station!

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