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01-17-2010, 11:53 PM
Originally Posted by Girdus
Isn't the entire point of wine isn't that it isn't an emulator and it's supposed to be a bug for bug reimplementation of the win32 api? Isn't pure ABI compatibility so all things windows would work the ultimate goal?

Although now at least we know that there won't ever be a mac client
That's the "idea". Eventually. It's not perfect yet by any means, and there's always some "discussion" when the API/ABI from Windows doesn't match documentation. And then there's always the times when there are extra "tricks" to functions that aren't documented.

Originally Posted by Mobox

Anyways, its too bad that there is a lot more wrong with the way wine handles the game than just a few simple fixes. I hope I get enough schooling to understand more of the concepts involved, as this seems pretty damn fun. Someone tell me if this game is worth it to pir- er, buy a copy of windows just to play sto on.
No one knows if it's a "lot" of fixes needed or just one. I've worked on a few games, and ironically enough most games have more trouble "loading" than running. Usually it's 3rd-client? launchers that cause issue (ie the launcher/login system is a different EXE). This one was simple to get working, WoW has an internal one (no issues at all), LotRO has a separate EXE/.NET program that had to be reverse engineered).

Anyway, I'm still hopeful that getting past this "loading" but will actually get the game working, in which case it might only be a 2-3 line fix.

Originally Posted by jalbert82 View Post
Regarding bypassing heap validation, with GDB it's possible to hide signals from the application so it never sees the error - I think winedbg can do something similar. I don't intend to sound negative, but In practice this is almost never useful because it's the memory itself that's corrupted and not the process of validating it.
Yeah I'm not keen on bypassing heap validation, it'll add troubles later on.