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01-18-2010, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by S31-Syntax View Post
I understand putting the blinders on Wine may be a bad idea now, but just to see if it belches something else useful after the crash or even if it turns out to be harmless, it wouldn't hurt to try, would it?
Here's how I see this playing out:

Disable heap validation (which, FYI, is actually happening inside Cryptic code aka would require Cryptic be willing to send out what is actually a debug build to us/someone)
Get game loaded to some sort of menu.
Have game crash due to heap not functioning as expected.

Now, while I admit it is "possible" that the heap validation code is broken, I doubt it (as if it were, it'd be more than Wine users seeing this issue). I think most likely is that wine memory/heap code doesn't work as Cryptic expected, due to some reason.