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02-07-2014, 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by ltcmdjamescore View Post
Is there a science specific accolade in Secret Orders? There's a new dialogue with science-only option in the first moments of this mission.
Not that I've been able to find. There's certainly sci specific text, but no accolade popped up. Maybe it's another broken accolade but I think it's probably just a neat dialogue branch.

Originally Posted by panterusden
As to the Efficient Swarmer Exterminator and the Shadow Hugger accolades. My testing has shown that the door that opens, either the sunroom or the room that Cooper works on the console, is the door you are closest to when fighting the swarmers in the lalarge chamber before the fork.
Definitely not this. I tried a lot this morning. Actually got into the right room about 40% of the time, but appeared to be a completely random occurrence.