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02-08-2014, 08:52 AM
How about you see it from OUR point of view, we have qued up to enter an stf or fleet action and some moron (Who has obviously clicked to be qued up to a team action, and has then clicked accept to go ahead) sits out either most if not all of the match and pretends to be AFK.

DAMN RIGHT HE GETS A 2 HOUR PENALTY. and be thankful because when this was first discussed some people were pushing for 24 hours. Now ask yourself this question. if he WASN'T ask, then why would someone go through all of the trouble to report him.

Obviously he entered into a match and sat AFK. why should he sit out when others are slugging away to win the match for the drops and loot.

So yea, from my pint of view he got the penalty and damn right too.

Additionally i think cryptic should go further and introduce a "kick option". if there is a AFK'er in the match then there should be a "quick report" for this were at least 3 people click it and it boots them off the map WITH a 2 hour penalty as well. this then frees up a spot for a new player.