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I don't have any pictures handy ATM (get the dang server fixed, willya?) but I'm proud of "Starbase 32 and Clarus System" from "Bait and Switch, Part II" (unpublished as of yet; I've been stuck in writer's block for well over a month on the fourth map). Starts with you warping into a big nebula cloud to pick up a passenger from a starbase inside it. Then you warp out via despawning the whole system and spawning a warp tunnel. Then I despawn that and spawn what I think is a rather creative rendition of a Class Y planet with lots of ice blues and glittery orbiting rocks.

Also some neat triggerwork with spawning the first enemy group (greendragoon helped me a lot with that), as well as a couple of reskins that I think turned out very well (Remans -> Tzenkethi, Terran Empire -> Ferengi).
Ok, got some screenies.
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